About Us

Here at Castohn, we celebrate innovation and success, specializing in manufacturing high-quality cast architectural elements to produce unique outdoor living experiences. We are a company made up of knowledgeable and talented people with a wide range of experiences.

We believe that people want to grow and learn. We believe mentorship is key for developing a "learning organization."

Why Wet Cast?

Wet cast brings out the fine details. Our modern wet cast technology consistently delivers the vivid colors, realistic shapes, and natural textures we all want to adorn our indoor and outdoor living spaces.

The Castohn Difference

Our in-house design team doesn’t just follow trends, it creates them. Our vision for the future of outdoor design enables us to develop a full line of architectural accessories that are built to last.

Every day, we’re leveraging the latest engineering methods and technologies to produce high-quality elements that make your homes, gardens, and other outdoor living spaces even more beautiful.

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Typical Dry Cast

Machine pressed shapes, grainy,
fake joints, and harsh edges.

8 seconds in the mold
Rough abrasive textures


Castohn Wet Cast

Natural stone castings with
a realistic look & feel.

8 hours in the mold
Authentic stone textures

  • More natural color & appearance
  • Smoother & stronger
  • Tighter surface matrix

Working with Castohn

Our team is committed to creating the very best for your project. The attention to detail, methods, and support we bring are unprecedented and we aim to keep it that way. Rest assured knowing when you choose Castohn products, you are upgrading your project.