Evolution Polymeric Sand

Evolution Polymeric Sand is the one bag landscapers will need for every job and every joint in hardscapes

The advantages over competitors are numerous:

ONE WATER ACTIVATION AND CLEANING OF PAVERS = NO HAZING:  Evolution’s “one water”activation using the shower head setting (50 seconds per 50 square feet) allows installers to wash the pavers and stone clean as you activate the sand, which delivers truly haze free surfaces and deep activation of the joints.  No more misting equals no more haze from polymers accidentally left on the surface.

EVERY BAG WORKS GREAT ON TIGHT 1/16″ TO WIDE 4″ JOINTS ON ALL CONCRETE/PORCELAIN PAVERS & NATURAL STONES:  Evolution is specifically engineered to cover joints as wide as 4″ and as narrow as 1/16″ and down to 3/4″ for 2CM porcelain. No more regular, extreme, wide, stone dust, porcelain bags to juggle –our one bag of Evolution does them all!

100% NATURAL STONE COLORS IN EVERY BAG:  Evolution is composed of 100% natural crushed granite (gray & black), 100% crushed quartzite (white) and 100% sand (beige).  No dyes or pigments are needed, so our colors are cleaner and more true, look better in the joint to compliment your pavers/stone, and eliminates the possibility of staining your stone or any fading over time.

STRONGEST YET MOST FLEXIBLE POLYMERIC SAND ON THE MARKET: Evolution achieves an 800+ PSI tensile strength when fully cured to stabilize pavers, prevents erosion, ant hills & weed growth. Evolution will remain stable – yet has great adhesion and flexibility in the most extreme weather conditions and freeze/thaw cycles.

A PROVEN, TIME TESTED QUALITY RECIPE SINCE 2005:  Evolution and it’s 1 water polymers were first brought to the market in Canada and theNortheastern USA back in 2005 after years of lab and field testing.  SableMarco doesn’t come out with a new “this is the best, now it’s no haze”polymeric sand every year or two like our competitors. Evolution has 16years in the marketplace of superior installation, color, strength and flexibility – which no other sand can match.

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Product Features

• One water activation and cleaning of paver

• Every bag works great on tight 1/16” to wide 4” joints on all concrete/porcelain pavers & natural stones

• 100% natural stone colors in every bag

• Strongest yet most flexible polymeric sand on the market

• A proven, time tested quality recipe since 2005

Why Wet Cast?

Wet cast is highly durable and has the capacity to replicate natural textures and details. The colors blend more naturally for a realistic appearance and are less permeable to water, which extends its functional life.

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