Lifting devices to help you get the job done. These tools are available directly through Castohn and may not be available through our dealer network. Please contact us for more information.

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Individual Items

Vacuum Lift

Quick-E Slab

Installing paver slabs can be a job that is hard on your back and hands.
Pick up multiple-sized slabs with a less than 2 sec. adjustment time
Can be used by hand, with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist or with an excavator (sold separately)
Helps alleviate back and hand strain
Adjusts easily from 10″ – 24″ wide
Holds up to 200 lbs.

Quick-E Large Slab

Pick up multiple size slabs
Self-locking latch
Built-in height adjuster to accommodate different slab heights
Can be used with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist or with an excavator (sold separately)
Helps alleviate back and hand strain
Adjust easily from 17″ – 43″
Holds up to 480lbs.
*If you are going to use the Large Slab with the Ergo Assist, you will need the Ergo Assist Connector (sold separately)

Quick-E Ergo Assist XL

Ease the grueling task of installing heavy blocks & slabs
Duel handle
Holds up to 450 lbs.
Use with:
Quick-E-Large Slab (requires the Ergo Assist Connector – not included)
Quick-E-BL 180

Quick-E Ergo Assist Adapter (Connector)

Use the Ergo Assist Connector to connect the Quick-E-Ergo Assist to the Quick-E-Large Slab.
If you want to use the Quick-E-Large Slab with the Quick-E-Ergo Assist, you need the Connector piece.

Quick-E Ergo Assist

No Machine!
Helps ease the grueling task of installing heavy block and slabs.
Quickly Attaches to:
Quick-E-Large Slab
Quick-E-BL 180
Holds up to 300 lbs.
Use the bolt already in the tool (holding the hook) to attach the Ergo Assist.

Quick-E BL980 Lifting Device

Lifting capacity 980 pounds
Item: AC-QEBL980
Pick multiple cell blocks quickly & easily
Move step treads front to back with minimal effort
Adjust quickly & easily
Major labor savings
Adjust from 0″-38″

Quick-E BL450

Lifting capacity 450 pounds
Item: AC-QEBL450
There is no need to shuffle block around to get it aligned. The Quick-E-Block Clamp is so user friendly. It adjusts quickly and easily. You and your workers will no longer suffer fatigue from hauling block. You’ll come out looking like a hero!
Clamp adjusts from 33″ to 51″

Why Wet Cast?

Wet cast is highly durable and has the capacity to replicate natural textures and details. The colors blend more naturally for a realistic appearance and are less permeable to water, which extends its functional life.

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